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International daycare

I provide service for expats living and working in Aalborg, who are looking for an international daycare for children aged 6 months- 3 years. I have many years of experience with bilingual children and I find it very interesting.
My daycare is private and you can find further information about private daycare in Aalborg by visiting the website of municipality of Aalborg.
I also try to be helpful as a networking person –helping expats finding each other through me and my international daycare.

Useful information in English:

Welcome to my private daycare, which has been approved for up to five children.
However, I normally prefer to have 4 children on a regular basis and only use the fifth place for overlapping when children are transitioning into and out of daycare.

I live in Kærby near the area called “Skipperen.  There are a number of different bus routes that stop very close to our house. I you wish to drive, we have a private driveway for you to park in while dropping off and picking up your children.

My house has four floors, and the ground floor is where the daycare is. Approximately 60 m2  including living room, hallway and kitchen. The children´s toys are kept in the living room.

Outside we have a lovely garden, safely and fully closed off from the street. In the garden we have a small playground, with a wooden playhouse, swings and many other toys.

The daycare has been approved by the municipality of Aalborg.  As a security check for  parents and children, the municipality conducts visits, both announced and unannounced to ensure the children´s safety and wellbeing.

About me:

My name is Carina, and I was born in 1974. I am married to Nils who  was born in 1966. Together we have three children: Helena born in 2000, Sara born in 2003 and Jacob born in  2004. Nils is a truckdriver for Post Danmark, and he works shifts, which means he is often at home during my working hours. Nils has been approved by the municipality of Aalborg so that he can briefly stand in for me during the day if the need should arise.
In terms of  education and other work experience, I studied language at Nørresundby Gymansium and graduated in ´94. After that  I had 5 years of employment at Post Danmark. Then in  2001 I finished at Aalborg  Nordjyllands Erhvervsakademi as a marketing economist, and started working as a salesperson.

In 2005 I opened “My private daycare”. There are many reasons why I chose to open a private daycare: partly because I am independent, which leaves it up to me to plan daily routines, opening hours, Play Group etc. I also feel, that private daycare is much more flexible in regards to all involved – the children, the parents and the daycare. The fact that we are given the opportunity of choosing each other, makes private daycare an attractive solution.

I am a happy and smiling person. I am an extrovert, and basically always motivated. I will do the best I can, to meet you with a positive attitude and an open dialogue.

Therefore  mutual  openness, is of great importance to me – since that is exactly what promotes the better cooperation –  in which Your child is the center.

My daycare:

In my daycare I try to provide a calm a secure base, in wich children will  experience healthy and recognizable daily routines. Days here are not precisely scheduled, so there is plenty of time to be spontaneous, have fun and play. Some days we put music on and dance, sometimes dressed up in hats and scarves. We often sing, mostly songs in which we use gestures. It helps us remember the lyrics, and it trains our motoric skills. Building with Lego / Duplo is also one of our popular activities. Besides that the children play with other toys of interest according to their age.

When the weather is nice, we like to go out; we go for a walk in the neighborhood, we go and feed the ducks, we visit a colleague or we play in the garden. On nice summer days we can stay out all day, and even eat our lunch on the terrace.

I aim to visit the Zoo once a year. And the annual “open house” in the nearby kindergarten is of high priority.

The childrens health and wellbeing is of great importance to me. That is why, the cooperation between home and daycare is essential – it takes the whole community to have a good result. I will do my very best to prepare the child for kindergarten at age 3, and of course, I will help the children with potty-training, when they are ready for that. I also like to cooperate with parents when the child is ready to leave the pacifier.


I visit a play Group twice a week. I meet together with two colleagues from the neighborhood: Lene from Scheelsminde, and Lone from Kærby. Play Group is an all-day arrangement, and the opening hours are from 7.30 am till 3.30 pm. All the children are brought and picked up here by their parents unless other arrangements are made.

Our Play Group was established in 2005. Together we have bougt everything, that makes the playroom a functional daycare. We have everything here: mattresses, pillows, blankets, highchairs, plates, cups etc. And of course lots of toys for both indoors and outdoors. That means that parents don´t have to bring anything special for play group days.

Qualifying classes:

Being a private daycare, independent in every way, also means that entering qualifying classes, or certificate classes, relevant to the job is entirely up to the initiative and responsibility of the daycare provider.

Originally I was a marketing economist. When I started my private daycare, my abilities as a daycare provider was founded in my experiences as the mother of three children.

My daycare job is of great interest to me, and I enjoy all the aspects of it: I like cooperating with the parents, I like joyful days with happy children. I am very dedicated to my job, and I try to be involved in every matter, concerning both my own private daycare as well as the play group.

Since I started in 2005, I have taken several classes and lectures, with the purpose of developing more skills as a daycare provider. They say it is never to late to learn new things – but breaking old habits is the challenge. But at least I am willing to try.

Some of the classes I have taken:

First Aid:

Vision and Senses Learning.

Children´s Developmental Competencies.

Useful information – All inclusive

In my daycare the price includes everything. Parents do not need to bring strollers, blankets, food or anything else.
Children who arrive early in the morning can have breakfast here, but unless an agreement is made I expect the children to have eaten at home. The children get a little snack around 9.00 am, mostly bread, fruit and water. We have lunch at 11.00 am and we help each other set the table. Lunch is mostly dark wheat bread with various deli meats. The children eat a lunch that is suitable to their age, and they eat varied and healthy food. They are also frequently offered various kinds of fish, for example tuna fish, mackerel, fish sticks or similar. in addition to the bread, fish and meat the children always have various vegetables, like cucumber, bell pepper, corn or pineapple. Some days they are allowed to have cold pasta on the side. All the children have milk with their lunch. The smaller children can have oatmeal as well. If you child needs to eat a special diet, or has any food allergies, that can be discussed, and in some cases you may be asked to supply any needed special products.

The children take a nap after lunch and they usually sleep a couple of hours. When they get up again, they have their afternoon fruit. The smaller children are also offered yoghurt, sometimes in combination with fruit.

On special occasions, such as birthdays, the children are allowed juice and cake. Parents are most welcome to bring or send a birthday cake or sweets that day, but either way, we will celebrate their special day, with flags, birthday song, cake or juice, and of course a birthday gift.

Contact me:

If this presentation of my private daycare has caught your interest, and you would like to consider having your child in daycare here, feel free to contact me. You can do that by calling me or sending me an Email. If you choose to mail me, make sure you write the more important things: Write a few words about yourself, your working hours, and the name, sex and age of the child who needs daycare. Make sure you write your phone number as well, in case I need to get in touch with you.

I am looking forward to hearing from You

Carina Andersen

Hobrovej 71, 9000 Aalborg

Email: nc@hobrovej71.dk

Tel: 31787702


International Daycare:

I graduated as a language student in ´94 ( English, German and Spanish), and I have always taken great interest in languages. I would like to use them as much as possible to maintain the knowledge. I find it a possitive challenge, that I can use a second language on a daily basis, and I find it very exciting to work with children as well as parents from different nationalities. The drop-offs and pick-ups can be done in any of these languages.

My daycare is typically Danish, and daycare rearing to the international children, will be the exact same as for Danish children. As a daycare provider my aim is to prepare the children for kindergarten, help them to be able to help themselves, and train them for the new challenges they will have to face in kindergarten.
Danish traditions are very important to me. In my daycare we celebrate all of them. including Fastelavn, Easter, birthdays and last but not least Christmas. I decorate my home for Christmas, we celebrate Christmas in Play Group, and the children make Christmas parents for their parents.

Children learn to socialize according to different values, depending on their culture.
Danish children have to learn how to behave according to a set of rules and values in their own home and other rules and values in daycare. The international children also have a foreign language to deal with, and depending on culture, background, and religion, other aspect have to be paid attention to.

I believe that I have an open mind, and an understanding that qualifies me to provide daycare for international children here in my daycare. As years go by, I gather more experience, and am eager to keep on working with international children.

Her are examples of children, from my daycare, who have an international background:

Ana, Sofia and Oscar: Danish /Chilean family. Children with three languages: Danish / Spanish / English

Ivana: Chilean family. Child with two languages: Danish / Spanish.

Henrik: American / Danish family. Child with two languages: Danish / American

Karoline: American / Danish family. Child with two languages: Danish / American

Allegra: American / Danish family. Child with two languages: Danish / American

Elakshi: Indian Familiy. Child with Three languages. India/ English/ Danish

Laura: . Danish/ Libanese family. Child with three languages: Danish/ Arab/ English.

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